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Buffer no more. Gift yourself superfast broadband from just £21.99. No hidden extras, no nasty surprises. Just essential, lightning-fast broadband for Santa trackers, Christmas movie streamers and scrooges alike. Stream a world of content till your heart's content for Christmas and beyond, and let us take care of the hassle.

Simply Broadband

Our basic package

24 month fixed price promise

£ 28.99 per month

10 Mbps*

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Unlimited Superfast Fibre

Our fastest deal

Perfect for binge-watchers, gamers and the internet pro

63 Mbps*

£35.49 per month

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* Average speed, actual speeds calculated after line check

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Unrivalled customer service

We know how disruptive being disconnected can be. That’s why we’ve made sure our customer support team are UK based, expertly trained and ready to get you up and running - as and when you need them.

You’ll always have the best deal

No new customer benefits, no long-term loyalty schemes. We treat every customer to the same exceptional service and packages. Know that you’re getting the best value for your money, all the time.

Exceptional value

All of the benefits and more. No added extras, no hidden fees, exceptional support and no nasty surprises. All the broadband you love, for a little less.

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