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If you're looking for broadband packages that are easy to understand you've come to the right place.
Alternatively, if you're not looking to surf the web check out our phone packages.

unlimited broadband

from £19.99 / month

  • call options available
  • line rental included
  • unlimited usage

italk now and then

from £14.99 / month

  • free evening & weekend calls
  • line rental included
  • UK customer care
* includes local, national and 0845 calls ** broadband is dependent on line check

Don't use broadband at all? No problem, find out about our landline only package

Let’s talk landline

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Why choose italk…

A premium service at an affordable price. Customer care you can always rely on.
No matter where you’ve come from, embrace better communication for less.

bad service is no fun

Remember the last time you tried to call your service provider’s helpline? Exactly. Make that change.

premium for everyone

We treat all our customers the same. So whether you’re old school or new to the game, we’re all best friends.

save money for a rainy day

We’re cheaper than existing providers, so you can treat yourself to that monkey onesie. Trust us, you’re gonna look amazing.

UK based support centre

Get through to our friendly customer support team in an instant and save tears. We can make the world a better place.

don't talk to the hand

talk to us

No more listening to Greensleeves on hold for 20 minutes.
It's time to hang up on bad customer service and say hello to real people with the expertise.

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