What are your digital resolutions?

The tech universe is constantly expanding and so are the ways in which we use it. We expect to see new and exciting technologies become available, with broadband internet maintaining its position as a household staple.

We’ve taken the time to look at the ways in which we can ensure there is a healthy balance between real life and our time online.

From improving cyber security and promoting positive behaviour, to using technology to learn and connect, there are several ways we can improve our experience with digital, starting with these resolutions:


  1. Strike a healthy balance with screen time – The online universe is vast and it’s easy to fall into a scroll session with so much content available in real-time. Following the busy Christmas season and an out of the ordinary 2-year pandemic, our reliance on digital technology has increased and naturally, the balance has been thrown off. With restrictions being lifted and an increasing number of opportunities to socialise and explore outside again, we will of course be able to reduce our screen-time.
  2. Improve your awareness of cyber security – As more and more of our lives are integrated with digital technologies, it is important that we are mindful of safeguarding and protecting our private and personal information. Social channels, online banking and even shopping take a huge amount of personal information to process, so it is important that you keep track of passwords to maintain your online security.
  3. Use the internet to explore – We’ve all been increasingly dependent on digital technologies to communicate and socialise in the place of in-person connections over the course of the pandemic. Now that we are starting to emerge from restrictions, our time online should be spent exploring different platforms for education and inspiration in place of time spent on social media.
  4. Being kind costs £0 – Being aware of your behaviour online is important. Unfortunately, along with the immensely positive opportunities for connection in digital platforms, there is also a removed element to communication online which can sometimes inspire unkind conversations. This year, and every year, we would encourage everyone to take a step back and try to understand how unkind words can make someone feel and refrain from saying them.
  5. Prioritise your mindfulness and wellbeing – With several meditation and fitness apps available, there has never been a better opportunity to prioritise your mindfulness and wellbeing. Headspace and Calm are the perfect starting point for relaxation and meditation.

Staying connected doesn’t need to rely on an internet connection. Striking a better balance doesn’t need to mean less time online, rather just making the time you spend online count for more than the odd Instagram post.

We are extremely lucky to have access to an extensive database of information on pretty much anything you could think of… make the most of it!

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