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First, let’s talk money. You could save up to £123.99* in the first year if you opt for italk broadband over BT broadband.

In the second year of your contract, you could save a whopping £252*. Why so much more after a year? BT hikes the price while we reward loyal customers with a fixed term contract.

Sound too good to be true? We’ve done the maths for you...

Features italk Unlimited Broadband BT Unlimited Broadband
Line rental Included £18.99
Montly cost £19.99 £10
Total cost with line rental £19.99 £29.99
Monthly cost after one year £19.99 £40.99
Delivery cost £6.95 £9.99
Unlimited usage Included Unlimited
Fixed Term contract Yes No - increase after a year
Total costs over 24 months £486.71 £861.75

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all our packages come with...

  • Line rental as standard
  • Fixed term contract
  • UK customer care and tech support
  • 100% unlimited usage
  • Free router
  • Call options and add-ons available

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*Pricing based on BT’s Unlimited Broadband package 12-month contract. Prices correct as of 01.05.2017.

Prices rely on customer staying with italk for the whole 24 month contract.