New Broadband Boosting Technology

Struggle to imagine life without broadband? It’s a reality for some - but Long Reach VDSL is here to revolutionise the way rural communities access the internet.

Living in a rural area can involve breath-taking views, star gazing and enjoying nature - but it can also lead to technical frustration. In certain remote areas, unreliable internet speeds are a daily struggle. That’s where Long Reach VDSL comes into play, currently being tested to improve broadband speeds.

Openreach hope to increase speeds in locations where people are currently unable to get 10Mbps using a technology called Long Reach VDSL. Working in conjunction with people's current internet providers, long copper cables enhance internet speeds from 9Mbps to 24Mbps. The technology has long-term potential to reach even higher speeds, which could have an exciting impact on rural communities access the UK.

The recent pilot programme affects villagers in the Scottish Highlands who regularly suffer frustration as a result of slow broadband speeds. While fast and reliable broadband is becoming more and more essential for everyday life, rural communities can often sit forgotten in discussions on new technology - when really they need it the most.

Reliable internet is vital to many aspects of rural life and economy, making Long Reach VDSL a welcome addition. Operating at a higher power level across a wider range of frequencies, it can revolutionise the way communities access the internet. It doesn’t just mean increased broadband speeds, it also means a wider range of locations where broadband can be delivered.

Long Reach VDSL can potentially improve these speeds for thousands of people across the UK. Kim Mears, Openreach’s managing director, said “we believe we can get fibre-based solutions to almost 99% of homes by the end of 2020, including the use of Long Reach VDSL”. With this focus on faster speeds for rural communities as a priority, the days of long loading times may soon be over for the Scottish Highlands.

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